Initial Appointment

This appointment usually lasts between 1-1.5hours, depending on the age and needs of the individual child. It will involve discussion about your child's developmental, medical and speech and language history and your concerns. I will observe your child's skills and will carry out informal or formal assessment, as required. Observations and assessment outcomes will be discussed with you along with recommendations. 

Therapy and Review Appointments 

Therapy appointments typically last between 45-60minutes, according to the age of the child and the therapy required. The sessions include follow up advice and activities to practise at home. 

How often?

I provide a flexible service which is tailored to the needs of your child.

Sessions may be:

  • intensive e.g. twice weekly
  • weekly / fortnightly
  • monthly / termly e.g. to review or update advice when regular sessions are not required

The number and frequency of sessions can be changed at any time. 

Reports / Letters

Reports or letters to other professionals will only be written at the request of parents / care givers. Fees to be agreed in advance.

Independent Speech and Language Therapy and NHS Sessions

If you chose to have independent speech and language therapy for your child, you are still eligible for sessions with your local NHS speech and language therapy serivce. Consent will be sought from you to liaise with the local NHS service, where applicable.


I do not charge for travel within a 10 mile radius of Cardiff. Beyond this, rates are negotiated in advance.